Fin: I'm good. Bad guy went down, that's all that matters.
Olivia: Well if you ever feel like talking...
Fin: Talking's overrated.

Melanie: At least I know he did it this time.
Olivia: It's not your fault.
Melanie: Then whose is it?

Unpleasant and tragic, but well-done.


I turned him into a monster, a killer and a rapist. It's my fault.


I'm sorry. I was so sure last time and then I was wrong... I just can't trust myself.


Buchanan: You must be embarrassed about sending an innocent man to prison for 16 years.
Fin: I didn't convict anyone. I just arrested him. And no, I'm not embarrassed.

Now you're parsing degrees of deceit.


The DA put Shawn away for 16 years, not me.


So what you're saying is that your testimony is totally irrelevant to Shawn and a waste of time.


I wouldn't do that to her! I know what it's like to be raped! I went in at 18, 140 pounds, what do you think happened to me?


If I say yes, would that be helping Ashley and you?


She was always standing in front of it, like she wanted me to see.


Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 2 Quotes

We need to be sure on every single detail here.


Mother: I heard a man's voice.
Fin: Did you recognize the voice?
Mother: I think it was Shawn.