Rollins: I'm okay. That was a tough case.
Dodge: Yeah, well, we can't save 'em all.

God himself could not do this job. You wanna judge me? You wouldn't last an hour in my world.


Are you at all upset that a vulnerable child died, or do you just want to pin this all on your supervisors?

Defense attorney

Keisha died on my watch. It's gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.


This city has blood on its hands. Barba is doing the right thing.


Oh my God, what have I done?


You're the NYPD's press boy, right? You made it clear I don't work for you.


I'm the commissioner's right hand. I work for him. So do you.


It's a losing battle.


Rollins: Mother is a piece of work.
Olivia: She's also a murderer. Keisha didn't make it.

Manuela: What do ya mean, you got my kids? I'm their mother.
Fin: You tell yourself that?

Starvation, infections... she's so dehydrated her organs are shutting down.


Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 4 Quotes

Doctor: I'd like to talk to the parents.
Olivia: Yeah, well, so would we.

Olivia: Where the hell are the parents?
Fin: That's why we're here.