This is my phone. You need me, call and I'll be on a plane in an hour.


Barba: If you and your fellow officers would have waited half a second, Terrence Reynolds would still be alive today. Would you agree with that?
Dumas: Yes.

Barba: If the suspect was quite a bit younger, unarmed and innocent, what would that constitute?
Sonny: Hindsight.

Benson: They were doing what any cop would do in the situation.
Barba: Any cop. Even you?

So even our best and brightest are gunning down innocents.


He was guilty of something. Why else would he run?


I can't begin to imagine the pressure you are under. Please... do the right thing here.


A black man in a basketball jersey runs when he's stopped by the police? You're right. He deserves the death penalty.


The truth is consistent.


Benson: Rollins, where the hell is that DNA?
Rollins: It just went down to the lab.
Benson: So follow it.

Police shoot another unarmed black man, news travels.


He has a couple joints. That gives me probable cause to search the whole place.


Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 5 Quotes

Cop: How are the parents?
Benson: Alive

Cop: Wife used voice-activated Siri to call 911.
Benson: Good for her.