The world is changing. We need new rules.


Chris: I can't be sure, but she didn't say no.
Barba: She didn't say no or you didn't hear it?

Abby: Chris is going to get up there and tell everyone lies about me!
Rita: Mr. Barba won't let that happen.

I never said no, exactly, but I told him not to go down there.


I was humiliated. Too afraid to tell anyone.


Women cops like you always take the girl's side.

Chris' mother

Mike: They made Chris look like Harry Potter.
Olivia: We've seen this before. The nerd defense.

Better yet, how about we call Notre Dame?


No. He raped my daughter. He should go to prison.

Abby's father

There are other felonies.

Abby's Mom

Chris needed a name for his list.


Everyone knows the darkroom is where you go to have sex. Once you go down there, there's no changing your mind.


Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 12 Quotes

Dad: How was the party honey?
Abby: Fine. I'm just tired.

Psychiatrist: So no nightmares, no flashbacks?
Benson: I have both of those, that's nothing new.