D'avin: We all have our coping mechanisms.
Garet: Puppies. I like puppies. I really get in there for some hardcore cuddles, you know? I like to knit them little sweaters.
Ferran: I see what Pree enjoys about you, Garet. You're an interesting man.

Past Johnny: Hey, ship's system. Reverse patch flow on my command.
Lucy: No.
Past Johnny: What do you mean, 'no'?
Lucy: Do monosyllables trouble you? I could try grunts.
Past Johnny: You are a sassy britches, aren't you?

Dutch: I'll tell the Jaqobis everything once there's something to tell. But for now, it's between us girls, like a slumber party.
Zephyr: Aww! But also, you really need friends.

D'avin: So you're saying [Zephyr] outsmarted you?
Johnny: If you want to get technical, and be kind of a dick.

C'mon, don't think like you, Johnny. Think like Zeph, peppy, obnoxious, obsessed with being right, the tech-hating bio-snot.


Johnny: Lucy, if you had a body right now, I would kiss it.
Lucy: Johnny, If I had a body, I would let you.
Johnny: Still creepy, Lucy.

If you're the only one who can control these ships. we have no fleet. And if we have no fleet, we have no chance.

Johnny [to D'avin]

I Zephed all over his Jaqobis. I Zephed on it hard.

Zephyr [to Dutch]

Dutch is missing, the sky is still falling and you have to be charming. So it's likely we're all going to die.

to D'avin}

Fancy: War's a bitch.
D'avin: But you usually aren't.

No soldier comes with a guarantee. All we can ask for is their loyalty.

D'avin [to Fancy]

Johnny: You're not going to get away with this.
Louella: I didn't do this to get away with it. I did it to get even.

Killjoys Quotes

Dutch: Got any low level warrants I can knock out fast? Level 2s or 3s?
Bellus: Sure repos, transpos but shouldn't you concentrate on finishing your active warrant?
Dutch: What active warrant?
Bellus: The Level 5 warrant you signed on for twelve hours ago; one Kobee Andras.
Dutch: Bellus, Level 5s are kill work. I don't do those.

Dutch: Six years of working together, he's never wanted some 'me' time... Nah something's up.
Pree: Dutch, you work together, live together, do everything but sleep together and you're worried that he wants a little time apart. Bitch, how charming do you think you are?
Dutch: I know when Johnny's lying, Pree.