Whoever I have babies with has to be Italian. I want my kids last name to have a vowel on it... and be tanned, obviously.


[to Pauly] What is with that haircut man? Bride of Frankenstein ain't got nothin' on you!

Vinny's Cousin

I love Vinny's family, they're like my family ... old-school Italian, looks like a Guido Circus.

Pauly D

I did not know Staten Island was an actual island until we went over the bridge.

Pauly D

[to Snooki] You don't need anyone to make you feel that way.


[to Sam] Your mood is good, your nails are good.


Vinny: Are you fully gay?
Girl: No.
Vinny: Awesome.


Pauly D

I can have a good time without drinking, f*%k you alcohol.


[to Snook] You like him? You like LIKE him?


Deena's out of control! I just spilled my coffee and I don't even drink coffee.


Snooki wants to have sex with me, meanwhile she gets with a kid the night before .. get the hell outta here.


Jersey Shore Season 3 Quotes

I just heard that you guys were mad at me, but I didn't do anything. So I'm mad at you for being mad at me for no reason.

Pauly D

If I want a beer, then I can have a beer. This isn't law school, it's a t-shirt shop.