We're in Seaside. Leave us alone.


Can you guys like, maybe neutral it? Because, like, you hit up a girl in Miami?


Erin: I just want to say ...
Deena: I think it's better if you don't say anything.

Let's be real. You didn't come here for pastries and like, coffee, you came here to do sex with Pauly and Vinny. You embarrassed yourself.


Grenade: I know I'm a grenade, but you guys are fine as hell.
Pauly D: This woman is not a grenade. This woman is an atomic bomb about to blow.

Danielle: You want me to punch you?
Pauly D: Do whatever you gotta do.

They already neutraled that ... I say they start with a zero-zero, because he admitted his wrongs to that. This girl is still never admitting. She leaves the house for one day and hits this guy. I don't like that.

Pauly D

Ron's Mom: I'm tan. I am tan. So tan I look Indian.
Deena: That's awesome.

[on why she was texting Arvin] Maybe to cause a rise out of you. To get you back. To be spiteful.

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