Rivoli's... Rivoli's... where you can get canolis.


I'll stay an extra hour, cuz I know we f*%ked up ... just 'cause she took a sh!t and he bought a vehicle. Excuse my language.


I'm hungover, I'm not having a good time. Work blows d!ck for skittles right now, I wanna kill myself.


If you don't want to cuddle, thanks for the braciola but no dinner dates with you and me, goodbye, never see you again.


Ironically, Ron called Sam every curse under the sun and destroyed all of her stuff. Ron had been pissed at me for Guy Code ... it's like where's like general Human Code?


I'm stressed over over Ron and Sam's relationship ... am I supposed to be stressed out over someone else's relationship?? It's not right!

Pauly D

Definitely surprised Mike and Ronnie are huggin' it out after this big heated argument they just had... I don't know, maybe Mike gave him some like Voodoo trick or something like that to avoid getting his ass kicked by Ronnie.

Pauly D

We realize that there's no help for them. I thought it was gonna get better, but then you realize they just love to fight with each other, so let 'em go.


I'm over here tryin' to clean my sneaks, I can't concentrate with all this fighting ... like they're talkin' about f*ckin' relationships and my sneakers are dirty!

Pauly D
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