JWOWW: I'm upset with you because I heard that you called me fake.
Pauly: When did I call you fake?
JWOWW: That's what I heard.
Pauly: From who?!

Mike: I'd like to give a trophy to who did the least in this house. Let's vote right now.
Sammi: I don't give a f**k.

The girls wanna have a threesome with you, that's not an issue.

Pauly D

Sammi: Why are you with me?
Ronnie: I'm in love with you. Why? I can't help the way I feel.

I like to be with my boyfriend at all times. Do you get that?


I'm not going to smash it out with Rocio before I leave. Umm, it's not that kind of chick. I don't need to, I want to get to know her first.

Pauly D

Youse are all f*%kin' nuts!!

Pauly D

Aww yeah, last cheer yeah!

Pauly D

A crow comes and it starts quacking at us ... or not quacking, what does a crow do?


How do you spell likely?

Pauly D

The hamburger meat looks like Vinny's chest hair!

Pauly D

Mike's definitely a pot stirrer, yes, he likes to cause a lot of problems and then go take a nap after he does it.