Coffee is for closers.


Peak TV my ass.


Let's go round up some rugrats.


Martin: You're the reason I need to kick.
Liv: I don't think I have anything left to give, Martin. If I wasn't the reason when I was born why would I be now?

Congratulations, doc. You're a zombie now. If you want to survive you gotta do everything I say.


Blaine: We barely spend any time together anymore. What happened to us?
Don E: I have a bar to run.

Our parents screw us up. If we're lucky, sometimes they lift us up.


We might lose faith sometimes, but you can't give up on family. It might be the most important thing we've got.

Liv Voiceover

Liv: Martin Roberts.
Martin: Yes.
Liv: My name is Olivia Moore. I'm your daughter.

Rob all the places you want. We solve homicides.


Justin: You really should have stayed gone, Peters. You picked the wrong team, brother.
Major: I'm thinking you picked the wrong team, brother.

The man's having a bad day. Let's go make it worse.


iZombie Quotes

Clive: They told me you put me down as the father of the baby and in case of an emergency.
Michelle: the baby's not yours, Clive.

I'm a CPA, not a super villain!

Mr. Boss