I'm tired of watching people I care about get killed!


Peyton: The father of all zombie kind --
Ravi: Is Liv's dad.

Hey, I never told you before, but you really rock this look.


U-G-L-Y, Gayle ain't got no alibi.


You are just the best daughter that I can imagine, Liv. Truly. I want you to promise that if the time should come that you and I should have to choose sides that you'll let me take care of you.


Ravi: We don't bargain with kid-murdering, cure-thieving pieces of sh-
Peyton: Done.

You guys really suck at this.


Who the hell is this guy and what the hell is his rug?


My daughter seems to have a lot of friends in high places, a private military commander and the mayor herself.


Wasssuuuuppp, Clive, is me again!


Ravi: What is this? She eat the cast of Clueless or something?
Clive: Nineties pageant girl brain.

We can switch. I can run the bar, and you can be the zombie prostitute.


iZombie Quotes

Clive: They told me you put me down as the father of the baby and in case of an emergency.
Michelle: the baby's not yours, Clive.

I'm a CPA, not a super villain!

Mr. Boss