Harley: The time in question I was with my family.
Liv: Klan rally?
Harley: I prefer picnic.

Peyton: So what's the word?
Blaine: Nothing. I'm sorry for what that means for your friends.

Peyton: If this is my last night to spend with this Blaine, I don't want to waste it.
Blaine: Me neither.

Natalie: Don't worry. I'll figure a way out of this, someday.
Major: I left you once. I'm not going to leave you again.

You look awfully pleased for a man who got kicked in the kidneys.


Major: Dammit! We're losing him.
Ravi: We? I told you to drive faster.

Peyton: Ravi said someone should keep an eye on Blaine in case he starts to...
Blaine: Die.
Peyton: Yeah, that.

Liv: There were like 80 movies here. How long did you work in the porn business.
Rhonda: Five months.

Felicia: The thing you should know right off the top, Cheryl was a huge gossip.
Clive: There it is.
Liv: Ahhh.

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What the hell is wrong with you?


Janet: [screams after seeing a dead body]
Felicia: Seriously, Janet, get it together.

Also, I believe God is a woman, so you're screwed.