Spence: Welcome back to the United States. How long are you going to be in Seattle?
Mr. Boss: Just long enough to get my money and settle some old debts.

The man was willing to literally take a bullet for his son. Can you imagine growing up with a father like that? Yeah, me neither.


Liv: Thanks for the brain mush.
Major: That is the first time someone has ever been thanked for that stuff.

Clive: So about this new case, uh...you like anyone for it?
Dale: It's my case, Clive. I'm afraid I can't trust you with that information.

Dale: Whatcha looking for?
Clive: You.

Ahhh, white people.

Clive [finds a secret passage door]

Booyah! How do you like old Earl now, you damn, dirty lich?!


Bitch, please.

Major [mutters under his breath]

Major: Hey, you know that stealing mail is a federal offense, right?
Ravi: I was hiding mail. Why are you...
Major: Opening my hate mail? Better question; why are you hiding it?

Time for vision to start after eating brain, five minutes. Length of vision, two hours. Penmanship, poor.


I can't believe grown adults play this for hours at a time.


Liv: I bet you were so into this.
Ravi: Do I look like a nerd?

iZombie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Clive: So our Harley Jahns followers want to kidnap a zombie?
Ravi: Yeah, but happily not until I finish my utterly fictional anti-zombie vaccine.

So yeah, Scratching Post is under new management.