Major: I'm gonna miss you guys.
Liv: You're not going anywhere.

The memory loss will be instant. It will feel like a slow fade.


Major: There's one silver-lining to forgetting everything.
Liv: What?
Major: You'll knock me off of my feet all over again.

Major: I need you to do something for me.
Liv: Name it.
Major: Once I'm new me, keep reminding me what we meant to each other, and give me a new name, one that's less silly.

Justin: Major!
Major [coughing]: Take me to the police morgue.

You could have just shut the camera off, Liv.


Liv: We've learned a lot.
Vivian: We're about to learn more.

Don't you get it?! It's coming. The zombie virus is going to get out and it's going to spread. It'll be us versus them. We tried to warn people but they called us lunatics.


Climate Change is my safe word.


Lawyer: Are there any more questions you'd like me to expertly evade?
Liv: Yes, can you order a catholic schoolboy's uniform in a 44 tall or do you have to have those specially made?

Liv: Ask me another question, Jimmy, and I may put you under my knee.
Clive: How's it going.
Jimmy: [annoyed] Maybe knock next time!

Zombie Mercenary: What's happening?
Zombie Teacher: A vision, I think. It looks like a long one.
Vivian: We may need to reboot her.

iZombie Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Clive: We need visions, Liv.
Ravi: I'll get the frying pan.

Justin: You okay, man?
Major: Yeah, just a flesh wound. Thirty-five flesh wounds.