You boys get the night off from boning your cousins?

Don E

Hey, is Peyton around? Kidding. Nice PJ's. You wanna go kick some ass?


Liv: I was so haunted by the way that you died that I tried to push you out of my mind completely. I've been diving into all these brains at least in part so I don't have to live inside my own head and face the grief of losing you.
Drake: Alright. I'm feeling a little better.
Liv: Which means so am I. This is goodbye. Let's make it good.

A bit much for Netflix and Chill don't ya think?


Mr. Boss: I shot you. I slit your throat, we buried you.
Blaine: Mmhmm, and yet here I am.
Mr. Boss: How the hell are you still alive?
Blaine: Well, I'm eating a human brain, so that makes me a...
Mr. Boss: Cannibal?
Blaine: Technically, I suppose, but that's not the answer I'm looking for.I'm eating a human brain. I'm indestructible, therefore I am a...
Mr. Boss: Serial killer?
Blaine: Again. Technically. I'm here. I'm a zombie. Get used to it.

Peyton: I'm interested in hearing more about these mutant powers. Did she know martial arts?
Jin: Damn right she did, she was skilled.
Peyton: She's a mutant ninja. Uh did she have a round shell? Hankering for pizza?

It reeks of sex in here.


Shawna: Oh boo. I thought you were food.
Liv: Nope, not food, I'm Liv. And you are?
Shawna: Shawna, Major's...let's just say, friend.
Liv [mutters under breath]: Maybe you're food.

You know what? I'm real tired of getting shot.


Liv: So, what do we do now?
Drake: Anybody got a pottery wheel?

Bow chicka bow-wow....what do you think this guy benches?


Clive: Vision.
Peyton: Yep
Clive: Long one.
Peyton: Blue Juice brain.
Clive: Got it.

iZombie Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Peyton: What if I can make you a better offer?
Liv: I don't want you to be insulted and don't think I haven't considered it, but I'm going to stick with men.

Move over Barnum and Bailey. We're about to put on the greatest show on earth.