Love you, honey!


Blaine: I say you should manage the bar here. This is your place. What you say goes. I'll handle the brain business--
Don E: Stop talking. You had at me at money.

Angus: You're no business man. You were a waste of my sperm.
Blaine: I gotta say. That kind of stings.

Look at you, now. I managed to turn a spoiled little brat into a man. A man with ambition.


Finn was evil. I did the world a favor.


I'm guessing he favors his father?


Blaine just called. He ain't dead.

Don E

Tanner: Tupac's most definitely a zombie. Dude gets capped, but he's still releasing songs?
Don E: You know who's a zombie? Christina Ricci. She has like a real zombie vibe.

Liv: What up?!
Justin: ...Holla!

Liv: I'll be down in the morgue.
Clive: Liv...
Liv: Mmm-hmm?
Clive: Why can't I let go of this coffee mug?
Liv: Super stick 'em, bitch. Too bad, Clivey sad.

I'm surprised it took this long for Finn to get murdered.


What the hell? I didn't get an invitation to the sausage party in my office.

Don E

iZombie Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Liv: So, did she promote you? Do we get to start calling you Major Major?
Major: She knows I'm human. She's taking me off active duty.

I hope this isn't too personal that a human pulse I'm feeling or are you just happy to see me?