Clive: That doesn't bring Wally or Ana back. Hell, it doesn't even feel good. I thought it would.
Liv: He didn't do it.

There are a few developments. You might want to make some room on the front page.


Liv: Seattle has a zombie mayor.
Peyton: Who is also, possibly, a serial killer.

Major: I don't want to be any story. I just want to go back to when nobody knew who I was.
Shawna: Oh, baby. That ship has sailed.

What if I told you that, yes, zombies are real, and yes, they eat brains, but they're not monsters...most of them, anyway. They're just like you and me.


Liv: Shawna? I don't trust that girl.
Ravi: No surprise there.

Clive: What the hell?
Blaine: Did you see that? In the woods?
Liv: Inside Harley's truck.
Don E: Did we just have a threeway?

So I should think he's a zombie every time I see Tom Cruise doing a chase sequence?


You may not care who killed your father, Tatum, but I do. All I want is the memory card. Then, you'll never have to see my uncool ass again.


They've done all they can. It's our turn now.


Stop! You two sound crazy. Sad to say, but Tupac is dead and gone. Biggie Smalls' twin brother killed Tupac and that twin is who got shot in L.A. Biggie, in this moment, is sipping mojitos in Havana.


Peyton: Liv, whose brain have you eaten?
Liv: Who wants to know?

iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Blaine: Hey, my rage wore off. I need you to zap me so I can tear down this gate.
Liv: With pleasure.
Ravi: Liv, please. Can I?

They're killing machines you dumb sonuvabitch. Those things killed my brother. They'll kill us all!