It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Thursdays 10:00 PM on FX
Its always sunny in philadelphia
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Well that was weird.


Dennis: It's a goddamn dance routine.
Charlie: And it's gonna rock.

Let's go back to the bar. We can hide from the world in the bar.


Dennis turned out to be a loser.


Ronald McDonald slept with your prom date.

Tim Murphy [to Dennis]

We're not afraid, we're in our '30s. We don't fight people anymore. It's kinda pathetic.


I have to have my tools!


I don't think you're going to get to bang Adriano now.

Charlie [to Dee in brace]

I'm feeling very very lucky to have my asshole ripped in half like tissue paper by my father and his very good friends.


I am the king of the mountain top!


I was going to take you to an empty broom closet and (makes feral face) bang the shit out of you.

Dennis [to Christie]

Dude, you're wearing makeup. And a girdle.

Christie [to Dennis]
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 Quotes

Naked pics online? That's disgusting. On a website? There's so many of them though. Where? Which one?


Goddamnit I don't know how to express myself unless through anger and personal attack!