What happened to me is what happened to me, okay? How I deal with it is my choice.


You can't look at a number like that on paper with your name next to it and still doubt yourself. That's not logical.


Harper: I mean, if the outcome is better, what is the difference how you got there?
Yasmin: Well, are we trying to rationalize something that just shouldn't be rationalized?

Maxim: Well I thought we established what happened was unacceptable. Did you not say anything about it?
Yasmin: No. Are you saying I was supposed to?
Maxim: How are things going to improve if people like you don't speak up in situations like that? ’Cause I don't work with men like him.
Yasmin: Excuse me, that's up to me. It's up to me to make that decision for myself.

Sometimes, the loneliest place can be in a room with the people who are supposed to love you.


No, to be honest, I'm sick to my stomach of my professionalism. You know, the amount of times I hold my tongue when I wanna fucking scream.


Remember, it's only an addiction if you can't afford it.


Harper, we both know what you're capable of. So don't let me down.


It's not an apology if you put yourself at the center of it.


And they say social mobility is a mess.


Robert: You never talk about where you're from.
Clement: It gets to the point where they stop asking. But they never stop caring.

I don't know where we go from here. You have to decide because I can't work or be friends with anyone who would behave like that. And if he's pressuring you, you need to say now. I promise you I can understand that. This way of doing business, the silos, the possessiveness, the lying, it's going to stop. That article is just the start; this place is going to change, watch. If you lie to me again, you have no idea how cold the floor can be. And I won't be in your corner come RIF. Simple.


Industry Quotes

Buy the dip. Short the VIX. Fuck Bitcoin.


Every successful business is full of people who spent money nurturing unremarkable talent.