I don't need the dumb antibiotics. Since the beginning of time, women have healed themselves.


Joy: You look like a lunatic. But you wore a dress.
Murphy: Is that what this is? I asked for overalls.

In my world, you don't panic until a body shows up.


I have a UTI, and I'm not going to have sex with you, but thanks for the wine. And the sandwich.


I'm at the mercy of the world, and I hate it.


Max: You look good.
Murphy: Just start the clock.

Is she more of a garden hose or a soup can gal?


Apparently, I'm a rottweiler and two chihuahuas, so I'm cutting back on carbs.


You want to help? Skip on out of here and leave me and my family alone.


You'd think as my mother, you'd care about the kid who saved my life.


I'm going to figure out who killed Tyson because I owe him that.


Joy: We just need you to show up and smile.
Murphy: Well, I can show up.

In The Dark Quotes

It's the only time you don't have to feel blind, because we all do it with our eyes closed anyways.


Tinder date: God, you're so hot. Do you know how hot you are? Murphy: No.