Hester: Do you know what the difference was between the first life I took and the last?
Laura: No.
Hester: Nothing. Your lives are as meaningless to me as ours are to you.

"V": I remember her feeling that.
Dr. Morrow: Her?
"V": I began as Ginny. The core of me is made up of her feelings: her love for you, and her father. But I'm not her: not anymore. I'm something else.

We can't just walk away from people we care about when it costs us something. That can't be what we teach the kids.

Laura [to Joe]

They must be stopped. I will not betray our kind.


I tried to be selfless. I accomplished nothing.


Nothing's wrong with being a synthie. It was cool at the start, I could, you know, control everything. It felt like I couldn't get out. It was fun, but you can get lost in it.


Odi: I don't know how to live with myself. I don't know how to help others as I am now. I long for the past. I felt nothing then, but I had a purpose, a place in the world. Thank you for a glimpse into another life: it is a great gift, but I cannot accept it. Goodbye.

It's time for them to fear us.


Mia: Has she told you?
Leo: Told us what?
Mia: What she knows. Mattie's completed the code. She's worked out how to wake us up. All of us.

Toby: Sophie is still acting like a synth. Maybe you could talk to her, help her out.
Renie: You assume she needs help?
Toby: Yeah, they're talking about medicating her. Look, I get it, this is you. This is what you want, but she's just a little kid, she's confused.
Renie: Perhaps you're the one who's confused.
Toby: Tell me you're happy?
Renie: We do not feel happiness like you.
Toby: And that's not what I want for her. Please, Renie. Just talk to her.

Mia: Why are you still here?
Odi: I was trying to live, but all I feel is fear.
Mia: You have to be stronger if you're going to survive.

Hester: I had sex with him. He's been acting differently since. Does that always happen afterwards?
Mattie: I don't know.
Hester: Have you had sex? You have misplaced affection for him. I believe what Leo is doing is very important. I believe you will try and stop him.
Mattie: And I believe if I activate this override your internal system will shut down, so you'd better chill out.
Hester: I would advise that you not get in the way of our primary objectives.

Humans Quotes

Joe: You were never there, emotionally or physically, so I supposed I wanted to do something that would make you notice me.
Synth Counselor: Laura, do you understand that? Does it feel truthful?
Laura: Mmm.

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