You got a real opportunity here. Start a new life, second chances don't come very often, you can trust us on that.


(to Winston) You are a terrible liar, but you're a great cop.


Chance: Do you realize this is my wrench?
Ames: What are you doing here?
Chance: I could be asking you the same question.

Winston: Bad kid.
Guerrero: No he's not. I know bad people. This kid isn't bad he's a punk. Show me some bodies then we can talk.

Chance: Don't do it.
Guerrero: Course she's going to do it, I would. What? Hey, when I'm off duty you don't want to follow me either.

Chance: I suppose we could just let Marcus kill her. Well, its up to you, we're either in or we're all out. Is she worth it?
Winston: Just to be clear, I aint sharing a cell with either of you.

Guard: What the hells going on?
Chance: It's a little complicated. I know it doesn't seem like it but I'm actually one of the good guys. Sorry.

Ames: What are you going to do?
Chance: What I should have done awhile ago, knock this punk on his ass.

Well gentlemen, whenever women enter the picture things tend to get a little bit messy.

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