I'm gay so not eating for 48 hours is only going to up my shirtless selfie game.


Carl I need security up here... Yeah, another entitled law student.


Have you been ingesting illegal substances?


Police: Gibbins walked out on us. You know anything about that?
Nate: Why would I?

You know what you need to do right now? You are going to go kill yourself. That's the one good thing you're going to do in your life, Connor.


Connor: Whoever killed him cut the gas line.
Laurel: You mean you cut the gas line.

Michaela: What's going on with you?
Connor: Nothing.
Michaela: You can't even look me in the eye.
Connor: Because you're so blindingly beautiful.

Annalise: She's not going to kill us.
Asher: Of course she is, she's the knucklehead who pays people to kill.

Michaela: She just perjured herself in there. Right?
Annalise: Of course.
Michaela: Then we have to break her.

Annalise: We should just kill her.
Bonnie: What?
Annalise: Atwood. She's a cancer.

Connor: No Nate penis pics then?
Oliver: Straight people are so boring.

Frank: Wait, how's everyone doing?
Bonnie: Laurel's fine.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Quotes

Your mailbox isn't full, so I know that means you're checking your messages and not dead somewhere.


Annalise: There is no grey area here, Laurel. It's him, or it's me.
Laurel: He's dead to me.
Annalise: Good.