Jill: I don't blame myself. A good person would cry for him right now. Grieve. But I can't. I let him win for far too long. And I believed him when he said he was the only one who could ever love me. I'm so glad he's dead, Annalise.
Annalise: I'm glad Sam's dead, too. He wasn't the man everyone thought he was either, but I stayed. Who the hell knows why. It's okay. You're free. You finally get to be the woman you really are.

Annalise: I couldn't not come.
Nate: Because you know what you took from me. She needed me. The whole time I was in jail, in court but I wasn't there. Because you stole that from us. The only time we had left together. You stole that! So no cobbler or apologies can fix that.
Annalise: Right. I would hate me too.
Nate: I don't hate you. I just don't care about you. I gave Nia those pills because I loved her. And I laid next to her in that bed, held her as she fell alseep. So close I could feel when she took her last breath. No one's ever gonna love you that way. Leave. Leave!

Your boyfriend has got to grow up sometime. God knows everyone else in the house has, now it's his turn.

Annalise [to Bonnie]

Connor: You've had a little bad luck in the dating department, but Caleb is innocent, maybe, which makes him totally porkable.
Laurel: He's not innocent.
Michaela: How do you know?
Laurel: If you're charged with a murder you didn't commit, you'd want to blame anyone but yourself. Even your birth parents.

Asher: Annalise can handle this, right?
Bonnie: Annalise takes care of everything.

I'll protect you, Asher. But we need to protect Bonnie too. That's what we do for people that we love, right?