Damn, I was hoping I'd get to be the first one to tell you.

Annalise [to Sam]

Whatever it takes. Isn't that what you said?

Annalise [to Wes]

It's always the one you least suspect.


That's the best thing I've seen in days.


Michaela: Wow, someone have daddy issues?
Connor: Someone have a gay fiance?

You won't be the first person in the world disappointed by your father.

Annalise [to Asher]

Ignore them. They're just mad because they know if they ever missed class, Annalise would not care.

Laurel [to Wes]

Wes: I think she's as innocent as your husband.
Annalise: You really need to stop thinking that me protecting Rebecca and my husband are mutually exclusive. The idea that I don't have her best interest at heart is only in your head.
Wes: So, prove it. Find her and get her back here. Whatever it takes. Or I swear to God I'll tell the police everything.

Listen to yourself, you just can't stop lying.

Wes [to Annalise]

And you guys call me immature? I'm like the most grown up, grown up ever compared to your dumb asses.


Wes, don't you leave this house!