Sooner or later, the devil makes us all pay. This time he has chosen you.

The Swede

Let old grudges and memories melt away with the winter snow and allow new flowers to blossom in their place.


What would you say if i told you eternal life is free?

The Swede

Such a Western notion that the past does not matter, the past can be forgotten.


You stick your prick in the merchandise, you pay.


We just meet and you're already talking about my mouth.


Honor the ones who gave the lives for your road.


You can be the man with the shovel in your hand or you can be the man who sells the shovel to the man with the shovel in his hand.


Tao: She does good work. She works like a man.
Cullen: No.
Tao: She works better than two men!
Cullen: No, I said.

To be tested by you is the making of my soul.

The Swede

Cullen: This race is going to come down to inches, not miles, Mr. Strobridge. Couple six inches a day is everything.
Strobridge: That's what my wife keeps telling me.

Cullen: What's your name?
Mei: Mei. But you must call me Fong.

Hell on Wheels Quotes

Daniel: You released your slaves and still fought in the war. Why?
Cullen: Honor.

Sean: Do you not believe in a higher power?
Cullen: Yes, sir. I wear it on my hip.