Navy Doctor: Dr. Sommer, you have something for us?
Kyle: Seventeen vials of mycosis cure.
Navy Doctor: We're not going to have time to run this through the normal drug testing protocol.
Kyle: You don't have to. This is the real deal.
Navy Doctor: Can you stake your life on it?
Kyle: I already have.
Navy Doctor: Well if what he's saying is the truth, we are going to save thousands of lives with this cure.
Soren: It's called Olivia.
Navy Doctor: Okay, we'll take good care of Olivia.

I've learned that family is not what you're born with, it's what you chose. Family stands by you no matter what; unconditionally. That is why I know Alan, that you are not my family.


Amy: You may not look like us, but inside you're a monster. A freak, just like me.
Anne: Please give me another chance.
Amy: You don't deserve another chance, and I won't allow you one.

Caleb: Before I show you something, do you know the way to San Jose?
Julia: Yes I do.

Kyle: Hey, I know we were real close to getting out of here. I'm disappointed too, but nothing's going to stop us from going home.
Soren: Us maybe, but not my mom.
Kyle: I know Soren. I wish things were different.
Soren: It's not fair, Peter killed my mom. Someone should kill him too.

Julia: What was he like; Michael? What kind of man was he?
Alan: Loved the sound of his own voice.
Julia: A Narcissist?
Alan: A lunatic. But he did have a gift for oratory. Hell for Michael was a room without an audience. Jules what are we doing? The tree's not here.
Julia: Is this where he would speak?
Alan: He called it counselling. Jules what the hell are you...?
Julia: Help me.
Alan: Help you what?
Julia: Help me pull up this floor.

Arctic Biosystems was the worst and best thing that ever happened to me because I finally made sense.


Kyle: I lost my mom too, when I was just a few years older than you. I still think about her every day. That way she's always with me no matter what.
Soren: But my mom was my only family, and now I'm all alone.
Kyle: I'll be your family now, if you want.

Kyle: What the hell is that?
Sarah: It's my son.
Kyle: Your what? When were you pregnant?
Sarah: It was...
Kyle: No stop, you can explain it to me on the way. Nothing on this island surprises me anymore.

Julia: I need to go to the tree's location. There may be viable seeds or pieces of root left behind.
Anne: I'm afraid that's not possible.
Julia: I know it's a long shot, but I have to try.
Anne: You misunderstand, I'd take you there if I could. Michael was the only one who knew its location.
Julia: But this painting...
Anne: Is nearly three hundred years old. It's a view from a hill near the abbey, but the tree is long gone.

Sarah I can't let you kill her. I need you to trust me.


Alan: What am I looking at, a rescue?
Winger: Just the opposite. They're going to kill everything.

Helix Season 2 Quotes

Peter: When did the passengers start getting sick?
Layla: About 2, no 3 days ago. Right after we got back from the island.
Peter: What island?

Arrived at St. Germain island from the South East. No apparent flares or signal fires. The contact is not at the rendezvous site. All signs point to the pandemic originating on this island. There are no other options, I must find a cure.