George: Zoe Hart, will you dance with me?
Zoe: Sure, but first you have to help me off this barstool.

Zoe: But on the way, you're gonna have to help me figure out a way to get Wade to not want to marry me.
George: Uh...
Zoe: Oh, and also I'm gonna want to stop for beignets, and I have to pee a bunch Also, I have veto power over the radio.
George: Wow. I do not know why Wade would want to actually marry you right now. You are very demanding lately.

Wade: I thought all women wanted to get married. I thought they all pranced around in their bedrooms with blankets on their heads pretending it was their wedding day.
Lavon: Not your girl.
Wade: I'm having an out-of-body experience here. Me, Wade Kinsella, tore up because some woman doesn't want to marry me. Maybe I have pregnancy hormones.
Lavon: Wait, is that possible? Because I might have them too. I mean, I've been getting real weepy over dog food commercials lately. Maybe I should get a dog.

So since it's our last day on earth, shall I grill up that salmon tonight for dinner?


Zoe: Since when do you even care about this stuff?
Wade: Since I met you.
Lemon: Zoe, you have to admit that was pretty sweet.
Lavon: If you don't marry him, I will.

Somehow in four years of knowing this woman, this particular quirk has never been covered. What else are you [Zoe] hiding from me? Are you even a doctor?


Lemon: Here's the thing. I knew Harley, and even though my daddy and Harley didn't always get along, I always thought that he was a real nice guy. So, if you ever want to talk about him, I'd be happy to.
Zoe: Thank you. That's really sweet.
Lemon: Don't get carried away.

George: I've been meaning to ask you, did you really mean what you said about me and music managing?
Annabeth: Hell yeah. I'm so proud of you.
George: Wow. You're amazing, you know that? I'm kinda, sorta falling for you, Annabeth Nass.
Annabeth: Well, right back you sir.

Wade: Was there some kind of zombie apocalypse?
Zoe: Where are the pancakes? The pastries? What happened here?

Lavon, I've been waiting for the perfect moment, and I certainly didn't think that it'd be a time when I am covered in alpaca droppings and mud, but I just cannot wait any longer because I love you.


Lemon: No, me getting together with Lavon has to be like the perfect movie moment with wine and twinkly lights with just the right song coming on at just the right time and the perfect dress.
Annabeth: Okay, well go out and buy the gosh darn dress, Lemon, and make your move.

Wanda: You've [Wade] never held a baby before?
Tom: You are gonna love it. It's the most joyous, magical, but don't you dare drop by baby.
Wade: Okay.

Hart of Dixie Quotes

My God, did you just give me the compliment sandwich. Where is he?! GEORGE TUCKER get your butt out here! What is going on here? Are you dumping me again?


George: The three of us used to hang out all the time back in high school.
Wade: Yeah, when she was fun.

Hart of Dixie Music

  Song Artist
Song Hold On Wilson Phillips iTunes
Good girls go bad Good Girls Go Bad Cobra Starship iTunes
Susanna Susanna Trickbag iTunes