The DA was right. This was a mercy killing he just had the wrong angel of mercy.

helping her, you took her house.

Tommy [to the banker]

Tommy: I pull attention, the jury won't notice you.
Cassie: Thanks.

Lunch later? (pause) Mind if I take her to lunch?


To see God is to see the Ohio State Buckeyes Best the (bleep) out of Michigan.

And Ollie Richard is a dangerous snake.


Government. Hero. That's your choice.


You took your best shot, Tommy. That's all you could do.


Now, excuse me, I'm going to go pass a kidney stone.

Let's go, we're do back


When I look at the client, I still see a guy with an Uzi.


I was a Columbine kid.


Harry's Law Quotes

Harry: Are we ok Marty?
Marty: Why wouldn't we be?
Harry: You told me to go to hell.
Marty: Well, it's not I won't be going there too; you know that better than anyone right?

Marty: That's a respected lawyer there.
Doctor: That makes one of you.