Dammit Chad, you got me in trouble again. That's my underwear monster, I believe you two have met.


Hi. Could you bring me a dress that's a little more affordable like maybe one from last season or one that somebody died in.


I'm sorry I get racist when I joke and I get hungry when I'm racist.


He's not lying, he once ladybugs'd himself into a jr high girls soccer tournament, bet against the team and threw the game.


You need a dirtbag and luckily enough for you my middle name is Herbert and I'm a dirtbag.


Ugh actors are the worst.


You had Jane plan you a backup wedding in an underground bunker just in case North Korea quote grew a pair, but you never thought of who's gonna walk you down the aisle?


The point is I gotta be a man and stand up for myself on my own with you guys behind me. Brad maybe you more towards the front perhaps wearing some Raiders gear.


You look like an assistant manager at a Jacksonville multiplex.

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