Will: You lied, Bedelia. You do that a lot. Why do you do that a lot?
Bedelia: I obfuscate.

Will: Have you had any contact with him?
Bedelia: He sends me greeting cards on Christian holidays and my birthday. He always includes a recipe.
Will: If he does end up eating you, Bedelia, you'd have it coming.

I'll dance at your wedding if you read it to me.

Bedelia: Have you been to see him?
Will: Yes.
Bedelia: You haven't learned your lesson, have you? Or did you just miss him that much?

You hitched your star to a man commonly known as a monster. You're the Bride of Frankenstein.


Poor Dr du Maurier. Swallowed whole, suffering inside Hannibal Lecter's bowels for what must have felt like an eternity. You didn't lose yourself, Bedelia, you just crawled so far up his ass you couldn't be bothered.


Alana: Enough people have died.
Hannibal: You haven't.

If I go, I'll be different when I get back.


Dear Will, we have all found a new life, but our old lives hover in the shadows. Soon enough I fear Jack Crawford will come knocking. I would encourage you, as a friend, not to step back through the door he holds open. It's dark on the other side, and madness is waiting.

Funeral home director: I'm being very careful, I'm sure you understand, Mr. Price.
Jimmy Price: Agent. Special.

Alana: For convenience, they term you a monster.
Hannibal: What do you term me?
Alana: I don't. You defy categorization.

Hannibal: I'm not insane.
Alana: You know that and I know that.

Hannibal Quotes

Graham: What are you smiling at?
Lecter: Peaking behind the curtain, I'm just curious how the FBI goes about its business when it's not kicking in doors.

Lecter: What are we looking for?
Graham: At this stage, anything really, but mostly anything peculiar.