Miranda: Are you drunk Wilson?
Jo: Only mostly, but I did not do these drunk.

Meredith: You're a chief?!
Alex: I have no idea why.
Meredith: You're chief.
Alex: Interim chief.

Jackson: We were pulled out of the way of a car and she wasn't, why?
Maggie: Jackson, I think you have a little PTSD.
Jackson: It's not about the van, Maggie.
Maggie: It's not just the van. Your whole world changed. And April --
Jackson: I'm happy for April.
Maggie: I know that. I know that. Your family empire crumbled. Jackson that's a lot. You've been through a lot.
Jackson: Maybe. I found love though. I mean if you're like making a list of big things. I love you, Maggie.
Maggie: I love you too.

Meredith: Cece, it was an accident. You were hurt, and Nisha was hurt. You have to get another heart because Nisha would want you to and because I need you. I need your help. I am married to my work, and I don't want to be. So if you're still interested.
Cece: Have a seat.

Carina: The prostate is the male G-spot.
Roy: Seriously?
Carina: Yeah, why do you think we're always pulling things out of men's butts?
DeLuca: Why indeed.

Nisha: Oh. My. God.
Link: Someone ask for an Ortho God?
Nisha: IT is heaven.

Maggie: Dr. Altman.
Teddy: You're Dr. Pierce? Head of Cardio? What are you 19?
Maggie: No, I was 19 when I graduated medical school. I was 27 when they made me Head of Cardio. Are we both sharing our ages, or is it just me?

Tom: This display is pathetic; this alternate reality where you were some kind of victim in your marriage. You were a lot of things, Amelia Shepherd, but a victim is not one of them. An ass? Yes.
Amelia: Excuse me?
Tom: You were a giant ass to your husband. You treated him terribly. When I came to cut into your brain, I didn't realize you were married. That's how little you seemed to care.
Amelia: I had a tumor!
Tom: You and I had sex the day after you separated. It was dirty, filthy, hot sex. It was excellent, but it was not tumor sex. The tumor was gone.
Amelia: It was gratitude sex. It was thanks so much for not killing me sex.
Tom: It was thank God I'm not married to that Ginger anymore sex, and you know it.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1 Quotes

She's in Seattle and she doesn't call?


Meredith: DeLuca, what are you doing here?
DeLuca: Whatever you want. Dr. Grey.
Jackson: Morning.
Meredith: Jackson, what? No. You're with Maggie.
Jackson: Yeah but it's just a dream so it doesn't count.