He loves her.


Just right now, we're alive. We are still here, and people love us, so that's cause to celebrate.


How many times do I have to choose you Amelia before you stop feeling insecure?


I'm saying in dizzy Owen. I'm dizzy I need to step out of the circle.


My mom comes for a visit and now I have to worry if she's going to split from reality.


I found out that it's no good being pissed if you don't use it.


Helen: Meredith. You're Alex's best friend.
Meredith: I am, and he's mine.
Alex: Well, the smoke is messing with my eyes. Let's go. Come on.

Everything tastes better in the back of a limousine.


We're Britney's parents, but you're Leo's.


Mr. DeLuca: Andrea, ciao!
DeLuca: Um, Meredith, this is my dad.

Surgeons are reluctant to celebrate; even in success, we obsess about what could have been better. And don't get me wrong that self reflection is important. We only get better when we admit our shortcomings. Acknowledge our limits. But there are so many moments along the way to celebrate. Some of those moments are bigger than others. And you really don't want to miss those moments. Because believe me when I say, the bad times are going to find you all on their own.

Meredith Voiceover