I told you I didn't want a party.


As chief I need to tell you to report your tekarjknsiop to HR as your friend I hope he makes you happy.


Betty/Britney: I ruined my life.
Amelia: That was the drugs and they tried to ruin your life but they failed because you are here. I am here.

She didn't say goodbye.


I thought you gave all your money away. I can fit my whole loft inside your fireplace.


A little fun in the sun before baby makes three uh four.


We went from ex-sex to bickering married couple in 60 seconds.


What have you done for you?


Do you think the other doctor is in her head?


Did I do something to you? Are we fighting and I missed it? Really we're fighting? On the night we said goodbye to Betty and Leo?


Owen: Are you trying to talk or are you trying to win?
Amelia: Well it's kind of hard to talk when you've been staring at Teddy the whole night.

Amelia: I think Owen still has feelings for Teddy. You should have seen his reaction when he found out Teddy was going on vacation with Koracick.
Mer: Teddy is always going to be in Owen's life baby or no baby. It was the same for Cristina. It was that way during your marriage and divorce. It's not going to change. Just make peace with it.
Amelia: I'm not in a love triangle. This is a circle, and it just keeps going round and round.