MEREDITH: "Do you know what's not charming?"
DEREK: "What?"
MEREDITH: "Your morning breath."
DEREK: "Sorry, what?"
MEREDITH: "I'm just saying seeing how you're always up before me, you might consider brushing your teeth."
DEREK: [laughs] "Okay. This is me brushing my teeth."
MEREDITH: "Thank you."

MEREDITH: "You're watching me sleep again?"
DEREK: "You're cute when you sleep. What can I say?"
MEREDITH: "But don't you sleep? Why are you always up before the alarm?"
DEREK: "Well, I'm a light sleeper. It's no big deal."
MEREDITH: "So something woke you up."
DEREK: "It's no big deal."

CALLIE: "You know Shepherd pretty well, yeah?"
MIRANDA: "Lots of hair. Too many women. Likes elevators and long walks on the beach."

MARK: "Do you like wasting my time? Is it fun for you?"
ALEX: "No, sir."
MARK: "Then get it right."
ADDISON: "Do you like abusing interns? Is it fun for you?"
MARK: "Yes, it is. And in case you've forgotten, you don't get to high-horse me this week, Addison. Not this week." [leaves]
ALEX: "He's an ass."
ADDISON: "Not this week."

CRISTINA: "You know if you want to thank me, um you can ask Derek if Burke has had any tremors?"
MEREDITH: "Talk to him."
CRISTINA: "No, because then he wins."
MEREDITH: "Wins what?"
CRISTINA: "Forget it."

MEREDITH: "I just wish the baby would get well and go home and Thatcher will go with her. Is that wrong?"
CRISTINA: "Wrong would be if you wished the baby wouldn't get well."
MEREDITH: "Okay, good. Thanks."

HEATHER: "What are you all staring at? Really, if you're expecting me to be the brave and heartwarming disabled girl, that isn't going to be happen, so go ahead and do your thing."
MIRANDA: "Stevens."
IZZIE: "Heather Douglas, 17. Past medical history of VATER syndrome."
MIRANDA: "Which is?"
IZZIE: "VATER syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the vertebrae, anus, trachea, esophagus and renal system."
HEATHER: "Wow, give this girl a medal. She memorized the whole acronym, which I assure you is a hell of a lot easier than living with it."

IZZIE: "George. Your father's surgery is tomorrow. Any chance you're misplacing your anxiety on me and my check?"
GEORGE: "No! There's no chance. That check ruins my morning every morning. It belongs in the bank! Would you just please, as a favor to me, just put it in the bank? Please?"
IZZIE: "Hmm. No. But if you're nice to me for the next 7 minutes, I will [pause] give you a ride to work."
GEORGE: "You don't deserve 8.7 million dollars!"
IZZIE: "Hmm. So true. So true."

GEORGE: "I just dropped 8.7 million dollars on the floor."
IZZIE: "And?"
GEORGE: "I shouldn't be able to drop 8.7 million dollars on the floor. You need to deposit that check!"

DEREK: "Morning."
MEREDITH: "Are you watching me sleep?"
DEREK: "Maybe."
MEREDITH: "What are you? Some kind of weirdo who watches women sleep?"
DEREK: "Maybe."

"I inherited eight million dollars."


MEREDITH: "Hey, how's it going with Addison?"
ALEX: "She's doing well."

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

MEREDITH: "Hey, how's it going with Addison?"
ALEX: "She's doing well."

DEREK: "You snore."
MEREDITH: "I do not!"

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Song Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same The Research
Song Passion Play William Fitzsimmons
Song Beggars Prayer (demo) Emiliana Torrini