Nathan: Megan's alive?
Meredith: Megan's alive.
Nathan: I'm sorry.
Meredith: Don't do that. Don't apologize.

You've changed my life, Dr. Webber. You have. You taught me, how, you taught me to take my past and find my path. Thank you. Thank you.


I spent my whole life in hospitals. My whole life and I think I need to see everything that's not in a hospital. I need to travel and explore and hike and breathe, and breathe, and breathe.


Jackson, uh, he likes you. I know. I know what that looks like. He likes you. He has feelings for you.


Catherine: And why did it take us so long to find them?
Eliza: I was sidetracked by treating a patient. Which is my job. I was doing my job.
Richard: Right. That protocol states that-
Eliza: Right, if anyone could follow protocol around here. Edwards would be perfectly fine right now. She was supposed to be in counseling but Dr. Webber decided she should be in work today. If you hadn't completely undermined me--
Miranda: Then that girl would be dead. Dr. Minnick, I don't believe that there is a place for you in my hospital anymore.

Meredith: Ok, so, remember the dream where they come back to us?
Nathan: Hm.
Meredith: Derek forgets his keys and Megan goes for...
Nathan: For coffee? Yeah. What about it?
Meredith: Nathan, they found Megan. She's alive.
Nathan: That's not funny.
Meredith: They already called Owen this morning.
Nathan: That's not funny.

Meredith: You're going to need to breathe when I tell you what I have to tell you. Take a deep breath for me, so that I know that you can.
Nathan: What do you mean? What do you have to tell me?
Meredith: Take a deep breath for me.

She needs blood and a defibrillator! Now! I deep fried a rapist. I dove through a wall of fire. I did not do all of that so that this little girl could die, okay? I saved her. I saved her. I saved her. I saved her. Dr. Bailey, I need to finish saving her, right now and I need you to get out of my face!


Bailey: Minnick, what did the cops say about Edwards?
Eliza: Oh my God, I forgot.
Jackson: You forgot?
Eliza: There were patients.

Owen: I don't know what to say.
Amelia: You will, when you see her. You'll know when you see her.

Maggie: We have been looking for you!
April: You scared the crap out of me!

He's the kind of guy that runs into a fire, apparently.