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[to Izzie] "I had no idea that you and Alex were a couple. It's just... I was having a bad day. And it was good... to have someone. And to talk to, I mean, not good to... Alex? He really is... good. I mean. He's good in the way he's a good person, good. Not that kind of good. You know. Good in bed good. Which. He is. As I'm sure you know. Okay... Well, bye."


OLIVIA: "I'm sorry, I still get a little squeamish around leeches."
GEORGE: "Huh. That's not what I've heard."

"Don’t worry, I only killed three people and none of them were doctors."


CRISTINA: "Is she crazy?"
PARAMEDIC: "If you call a murderer crazy."
CONSTANCE: "Yeah, BABY, that's what I'm talkin' about!"

"These are preemies, people. They were supposed to spend another eight weeks in the womb. Just like interns, they're not ready for the real world."


"Yang, how about we do this in plain English?"


CRISTINA: [kicks Izzie awake]
IZZIE: "Dammit, what?!"
CRISTINA: "Hell hath no fury like a girl whose non-boyfriend screws a nurse."
IZZIE: "Bitch!"
CRISTINA: [smiles] "I like you bitter and pissed off. You're almost like a normal person now."

"A dog is not a replacement for a human being!"


PRESTON: "I made breakfast."
CRISTINA: "I don't have time for breakfast! I've got to round before anyone else if I want to get the good cases, you know that!"

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