I really like the way my life is now, but he made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time, since Derek.


Eli forgave you. Some things just happen, and we don't get to know why.

April [to Bailey]

I am done! I am not your damn sloppy seconds. I'm not your consolation prize!


You don't ever get to talk about Henry, you hear me?


Nick: You saved my life.
Meredith: I did.
Nick: You saved my whole damn life.

Faith wouldn't be real faith if you only believe when things are good.

Rabbi Eli

Nobody in the Bible lived a life free of suffering or injustice. If they had, it wouldn't have been a bestseller.

Rabbi Eli

Dr. Kepner, you don't think I can tell when someone else is in pain, too?

Rabbi Eli

Nick: I just got way too personal on the first date.
Meredith: Excuse me?
Nick: Joking!

I am in love with you, Teddy.


Teddy: Owen, what are you doing here?
Owen: I told you.

Teddy: You imagined this too?
Owen: I imagined this, too.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17 Quotes

Tell me I didn't screw this up, Dr. Grey. Tell me I'm not about to lose a kidney.

Dr. Marks

Amelia and I are done. We're done, Teddy. So, for the first time, you and me, there's nothing standing in the way. So, I said something, you got to say something, so ...