Miller: Do you know if she's single? Dr. Pierce?
Miranda: Do I look like your auntie, Miller?

Webber: You know Karev, the only thing less fun than watching you do this job is doing it for you.
Alex: Look this isn't a Chief thing.
Webber: But it is.

John: Work is a very forgiving partner but it doesn't --
Meredith: Throw you up against the wall and kiss you.
John: I was going to say scratch your back, but I like yours too.

Jo: I don't have sex with you because I want something from the chief. I have sex with you because I want one thing form you: orgasms! And maybe you should tell me when Webber is standing behind me so I don't say things like that.
Webber: You ... paged me, Karev?

Miranda: Now what is Avery doing exactly?
Maggie: I don't know. Something to do with God and a tree?
DeLuca: Like a sabbatical?
Maggie: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Like a spiritual sabbatical.
Bailey: Where he decides overnight that he'll leave and do what he wants. Sounds more like a spiritual spring break.

Andy: Dean, really?
Miller: Did you see that woman? Did you see her self-assuredness, her compassion for children, and her very, very nice eyes?

Betty: I seriously don't understand how you were ever married to her. She's so extra.
Owen: She is a little extra, yeah.

You know what, if you are going to call me names, call me names to my face!


Are Owen and Amelia falling in love or are they just falling back in bed?