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ALEX: "Okay, can you tell me exactly what happened to your husband."
PATIENT'S WIFE: "So my idiot husband goes and stands in front of his 'big gun' to see what went wrong. That's when the stupid toy starts working."

"You're...Shepherd, right? Miranda... she really likes you."


CRISTINA: "Which surgeon are we going to have to suck up to today?"
MIRANDA: "That would be me."
IZZIE: "Dr. Bailey?"

ADDISON: "Hey... What you doing?"
DEREK: "Waiting for it to pass."
ADDISON: "For what to pass?"

[narrating] "It’s a look patients get in their eyes... Some kind of sixth sense, when the great beyond is headed for you, you feel it coming. What's the one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing before you died?"


CRISTINA: "What've you got?"
MEREDITH: "Bomb in a body cavity."
CRISTINA: [shakes head] "Man! All I have is Bailey's husband's open brain."

"Ah, what have we here? A gathering of men outside a delivery room. How mid-century of you."


MILTON: "Pink mist."
HANNAH: "What?"
MILTON: "Pink mist. That's what the bomb squad calls you when you blow up. When you explode."

DYLAN: "You can't still be here."
DEREK: "I'm not going anywhere."
DYLAN: "Well, you do whatever you have to. But the Chief of Surgery authorized me to evacuate everyone on this floor."
DEREK: "The Chief of Surgery doesn't scare me. Dr. Bailey scares me. I'm not going to be the one to let her husband die, and that's what would happen if I put this skull flap on, in this condition. Bomb or no bomb. Now get out of my O.R."

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