One perk of being a cancer kid, I get to eat whatever I want, and no one gets to tell me no.


Owen: I miss you. I miss us. I don't need time. I need you.
Amelia: What took you so long?
Owen: I was paralyzed.
Amelia: Seriously?
Owen: No, literally.

You did it. You stepped up. All right, well, don't get too swelled up about it. But great work. Good job.


Bailey: Are you Thor?
Link: I am!

I can play the cancer card all I want because I'm the one with the damn cancer, and talking to both of you makes it true!


Maggie: You do not want to go in there. There's a big storm. A big, big storm.
Bailey: Amen.

I told people who could help!


Jo: Hey, thanks for marrying me.
Alex: You're welcome.

Maggie: I"m saying you can waste a lot of time waiting for the right moment.
Bailey: That storm's gonna come when it comes.

My mother did the same thing. She hid her cancer from me, tried to protect me, and all I can think of is all the time we lost.


Non-brain tumor Amelia is a reasonable surgeon who asks reasonable questions.


Mer: And you couldn't say that in the E.R?
Link: I guess I could, but I didn't realize my job was me convincing you that I belong here.