Sam: Oh my God, Andrew.
Andrew: Sam? What are you doing here?
Sam: I work here.
Intern: They're both so pretty. I wonder what's going to happen next?

I'm going to file for divorce from Paul.


I've got a quarter of a billion dollars, and I want to give you half of it.


Meredith, you've been nominated for a Harper Avery Award.


Owen: What's your specialty?
Carina: Orgasms.

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I applied to the fire academy and I got in.


April: You are going to be an amazing mom to a teenage girl.
Arizona: We were never that stupid, right?
April: I thought you could get pregnant from a toilet seat until at least the tenth grade, so..

Alex: Since when do you have a sister?
Jackson: Uh, since Richard married my mom. His daughter Maggie. C'mon guys.
Owen: Barely. He still calls her Pierce.
Jackson: I mean we had dinner. We call that family dinner.
Ben: Yeah, no. Maggie is not your sister.
Owen: Right. It's like Amelia caling Maggie her sister.
Andrew: Wait, they're not sisters?
Ben: No!
Jackson: OK. Wait a second, you, you consider Meredith your sister though?
Alex: No, no. She's like family, but I don't call her my sister.
Jackson: Right, you wouldn't, like, sleep with her.
All the guys: Whoa! What, no?
Alex: Who said anything about sleeping together?!
Jackson: Who...who's ready for grilling?

Wilson, I don't think you're a victim. You were in a bad situation and got yourself out, you're a survivor. And I was nice to you because Alex asked me.


Richard: I pulled a pen out of a male stripper's penis. He said he wanted to sign autographs with it.
Carina: Whoa!

April: How dumb do you have to be to do something like that for a guy? Is it really that hard to find a boyfriend who isn't in jail?
Arizona: She's only 18 and she's already shot herself over a man.

Jo: Why haven't you yelled at me for what I did yet?
Meredith: It worked. He's on the table, right?
Jo: You and I both know that it was ethically wrong for me to advise a patient to sign a consent form.
Meredith: Yes we do.
Jo: So, why haven't you yelled at me about it?
Meredith: Because if you know it's wrong, it's nothing for me to yell at you about. Right, Wilson?

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

If I had that much money, I wouldn't be here. I'd buy a boat, a big boat.


Owen: Do you think we got this wrong? Made the wrong decison?
Amelia: No, but I wish I did.