Don't worry sweetheart, the fun has just begun.


There he is, the real James Gordon. Nice to meet you at last.


Lee: Where's Babs?
Butch: What do you want with her?
Lee: None of your business, errand boy.
Butch: I'm sorry. What did you call me?
Lee: I'm sorry, you're not an errand boy. You're more of a shoe shine boy. They should give you a little stand in the front, a cute little hat. That's more your speed.

Tabitha: You got the virus.
Lee: Wow. You're not as dumb as I heard. Are there any other glaringly obvious remarks you'd like to make?
Tabitha: How about I cut your lungs out and show them to you.
Lee: Wow. That's incredibly vivid. I'd like to see you try it, but I'm here for your boss. The crazy blonde?
Tabitha: She's not my boss.
Lee: Uh, huh. I may have a virus making me freakishly strong and mildly insane but even I know you were a sidekick to your brother and you're a sidekick to Barbara.

This is quite the gathering. You have to love Gotham. People are always pointing guns at each other.


Yeah, people are dumb. Plants are better. You can trust them.


I'm not taking the virus. I won't become a monster.


Lee, please, please, in the name of all that is holy and not insane, tell us where he is.


I'm going to free Jim and show everyone who he really is.


Alfred: What has he done to you?
Bruce: He has lifted the burden of my past, revealed my true destiny. Gotham must fall by my hand.

Bullock: Don't move a muscle.
Strange: Obviously, I surrender.

Shaman: Are you ready to embrace your destiny, Bruce?
Bruce: Yes. Gotham must fall.