You know I love Thanksgiving! The parade! On TV? I'm 19! Childhood memories are slipping away already.


These elevators can take forever ...


Why does this have to be so hard?


Serena: Tripp, what are you doing here?
Tripp: You wouldn't return my calls.
Serena: So you're stalking me now?
Tripp: Yes Serena. I'm stalking you.

Vanessa: Sorry for unloading, but I haven't had anyone to vent to since Olivia left to do Bitches of Eastwick. Have you heard from her?
Dan: Umm, no.

Tripp: Maureen orchestrated a fraud. If you walked out the door this second it wouldn't change a thing. But I hope you won't.
Serena: I have to. You're married and as long as you are, I can't do this.

[to Dan] I told you this would end badly. Threesomes, man. Don't believe the hype.


Nate: Oh my God. This is NOT your next story for the New Yorker. I'm sending it out to an entirely different magazine.
Dan: Oh thanks. That really helps.

Chuck: Your holiday paranoia knows no bounds.
Blair: Precedence is not paranoia.

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