Have I not impressed upon you how important tomorrow night is? It's my debut in society. I have to be perfect, and that means having the perfect escort.


Have you been so busy you've forgotten what time it is? Let me give you a hint. Couture and cutthroat competition. It's time for Cotillion.

Let me guess, you want to go upstairs and see if two blondes make a right?


Look, you think anyone goes to the Mercer for the maid service? They go because they want to see Russell Crowe throw a hissy.


Hey, did you see that gorgeous blonde in Proenza Schouler talking to those politicians? That's my best friend Brandeis.


Washington Square Park, Bobst Library, Bar None, I even tried spinning the cube in St. Marks Place, but not a friend in sight! I just felt it wouldn't be this hard at Yale.


Blair's favorite part? Real-time surveillance playback. It's naughty.


Sometimes it's hard to see the lines we've drawn until we've crossed them. That's when we rely on the ones we love to pull us back and give us something to hold onto. Then there are the clearly marked lines. The ones that if you dare cross, you may never find your way back. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Chuck: Did you ever find Brandeis?
Blair: Yes. We're not friends anymore. That's okay. I have you. That's all I need.

Brandeis: Sorry, but I'm new to the Big Apple.
Blair: And rotten to the core!

Who would have thought S and B's friendship had a term limit? Sorry ladies, party's over.

Blair: Throughout all my years with Nate, my whole life really, you've always been #1. Now, things are different. I have college. A real relationship. I'm starting to build a life for myself.
Serena: I'm building a life for myself too.
Blair: With Carter? With your job working for a publicist who pays you to date a wacked-out movie star? You're drifting away from Dan and your family and you've lost Nate, one of your oldest friends. This night is finally over. And as far as I'm concerned, so are we.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Quotes

Serena: Did I tell you that he texts me every night before he goes to sleep? It's so sweet.
Blair: Sexting is not sweet. It's off-limits until you're in a relationship.

Even Frodo eventually gave in to the power of the Ring.