Tripp: I did want you here. I find you smart and charming, and I wanted to help you out. But having you here ... I didn't realize how much it would effect me. Say something.
Serena: You know what? Don't worry about me. It's not going to be a problem.

Nate: What are Blair and Serena fighting about this time?
Chuck: Basically about how each one loves the other more than the other loves her.
Nate: Can you even fight about that?

Blair: She can't get away with this.
Eric: She won't.

Jenny: I had a plan and I should have stuck to it. I'm going to Cotillion with Graham Collins.
Blair: I'll allow it. Sorry Eric.
Jenny: Actually Blair, since I'm queen of Constance and Graham Collins is my escort, I don't think I need you as my escort anymore.
Blair: Jenny, you're lucky to have me. Don't push it.
Jenny: Your era's over. And so is that headband.

Tripp: It's late ...
Serena: I'll take real politics over the ones at Cotillion any day. Joe Wilson has nothing on Blair Waldorf.

[to J] This is not your wedding day. Cotillion only happens once!


Serena: Blair.
Blair: Serena. Anything you want to say to me?
Serena: Welcome.
Blair: I see. That's it?

Eric: It helps if you count out loud.
Jenny: Eric you don't have to be nice to me. I've been so awful to you and Jonathan.
Eric: True. But I'm a better person than you.
Jenny: Also true.

[reading list of things every college kid must do] We haven't cheered ourselves hoarse at a sporting event. We haven't gotten sick after a beer pong tournament at Bar None. We haven't had sex with someone we never want to see again ... No, wait, I kinda did that one with Georgina.


It's not happening. If it were true I'd have like 100 phone calls about it right now. [sees six missed calls] Crap.


Chuck: A debutante ball without Blair Waldorf is like a Tour de France without Lance Armstrong.
Blair: I resent the comparison to that man whore. But your other point is well taken.

Blair: I have a surprise for you!
Chuck: In that case why are you still dressed?

Gossip Girl Season 3 Quotes

The world you're looking at only exists from the outside. The only reason I survive in it is that I always knew it was empty.


Chuck: I'll be waiting on top of the Empire State Building.
Blair: You can't Affair to Remember me.