[on intercom] If you two want to kiss, it won't count as cheating.


Eric: Let it go, Jenny! It's over!
Jenny: That's what Blair thinks.

Jenny Humphrey went to a ball. Jenny Humphrey had a great fall. And none of Jenny Humphrey's minions, mentors or friends want to put her together again.

Blair: So. What did my text supposedly say?
Serena: That you're sorry and you miss me.
Blair: You text me back?
Serena: [nods]

Hello? I'm stuck in the elevator with someone who sucks all the air out of the room. Send help or I'll be dead within the hour.


Vanessa: So much for the ultimate college experience.
Olivia: What? No. I have had the ultimate experience. With you guys. They say the friends you meet here last a lifetime. You guys want to get out of here?
Dan: Absolutely.

[to Eric] Little van der Woodsen. I'm impressed with your natural talents.


Blair: Look! A lost boy from the lost weekend.
Nate: Chuck actually sent me to find you. He has a surprise in the private lodge upstairs. He says please.

Rufus: You know you don't have to do this ...
Lily: Well it's a little late for that. You look beautiful, Jenny.

Dan: Who's ready for a keg stand?
Olivia: I have to take the movie.

Goodbye, Jenny from Brooklyn.


Blair: I used to have a friend like Jenny. I made all these sacrifices and you know what I got back on that investment? Zero. Because girls like her run emotional Ponzi schemes. Serena will never like you the way you like her.
Keira: You mean Jenny.
Blair: Details. Now are you ready to be queen or do I need to find a new frog?

Gossip Girl Season 3 Quotes

Serena: Did I tell you that he texts me every night before he goes to sleep? It's so sweet.
Blair: Sexting is not sweet. It's off-limits until you're in a relationship.

Even Frodo eventually gave in to the power of the Ring.