This is a homeless shelter. A. gross, and B. really?


Fine. Pretend like you never get sad. And all you care about is making more money. But just to be clear, I know better. And you Chuck Bass are not your father.


You know I have first dibs on designer everything.


Nate: You have two options. One. Man up, go to war and fight for the girl you love. Or just forget her. Move on to a palette cleanser. And forget her.
Dan: So you're saying my only choices are extreme emotional vulnerability with a good friend, or meaningless sex with a stranger.
Nate: Pretty much.
Dan: Alright.

Nate: Dan, do you really think if you went toe-to-toe with Paul Hoffman that you couldn't take him? You're using him as an excuse.
Dan: No. He's a handsome guy. He's a sophomore. He and Vanessa have a lot in common.
Nate: He's a douche.

How do you find having a sibling? Someone whose sole purpose in life is to compete for your parents' love and attention?


Flying in from Paris to escort me back? How dumb does she think I am? She has some bomb she wants to drop on me in a controlled environment surrounded by air marshals and French people.


[to Serena] What are you, exactly, an 18-year-old blonde coincidence? Call me in six months when he meets his next coincidence. That is, if he even leaves his wife, which I highly doubt.


I sorry Miss Blair. I not talking with Vanya, and now he not stop calling. And texting. And tweeting. And writing on wall.


I want to hear all about the wedding. If I hadn't been boycotting the floral industry I'd have been there.


[to Vanessa] Come on - Cece's heart pumps secrets and gin - it's not your mom's fault.


Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. And what am I most thankful for? The truth. Sometimes it's the truth you've been trying not to face, or the truth that will change your life. Sometimes it's the truth that's a long time coming. Or the truth that you prayed would never see the light of day. Some truths may not be heard the way we hoped they would. But they linger, long after they've been said. But the kind of truth I'm most thankful for? The kind you never see coming, that falls right into your lap. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Quotes

Even Frodo eventually gave in to the power of the Ring.


Vanessa: You really think you're better than me?
Blair: I think we both know the answer to that.