Chuck: Why do you think I asked you to go out tonight? Because I knew something like this would happen!
Serena: Fine. Then I'll go.
Chuck: Train wreck.

What do you say? You. Me. This apartment. Until we get sick of each other.


Bree: You know if we really started dating, after a few months you'd realize you couldn't stand the way that I laugh, I'd hate the way that you chew, and we'd break up.
Nate: That's a romantic story.

Look, sis, for people like us a college degree is just an accessory. Like a Malawi baby or a poodle.


Dorota: Miss Blair. What we going to do? Call police?
Blair: No, we're going to throw a party.

Georgina: You're overreacting. The roommate thing is just a coincidence. My parents said it was either Bible camp or college, so ... go Bobcats!
Blair: So you're not in love with Jesus anymore.
Georgina: I still hold Him in my heart, but Jesus and I have redefined our relationship.
Blair: You mean he dumped you because He found out you were Satan!

Sorry I'm late ... Blair? Blair Waldorf! Oh my God! I can't believe it! We're roommates!


Blair: Let's make it clear from the start. We don't know each other here.
Dan: [pauses] Works for me.
Vanessa: Me too.

It's not Constance, Blair. The only queens at NYU are the ones with tickets to see Liza at Carnegie Hall.

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