Most of you don't know me. My name is Blair Waldorf. But a lot of you know my roommate who threw this amazing party, Georgina! I know, Georgina rocks, right? It's funny, I never knew a Jesus freak could throw such a good party, but I guess I was wrong. So everybody raise a glass, or a plastic cup of foam, to the coolest Christian I know, Georgina Sparks!


Nate: I thought your theory was that if we got to know each other, we'd break up.
Bree: Maybe I'm revising my theory.

Bree: A cargo shorts fetish definitely goes in the minus column.
Nate: I was like 12 years old!

Katie: So was everyone in your high school totally jealous of Dan for being such a great writer?
Blair: Dan's a writer?

Forget the Four Horsemen. The real sign that the world is coming to an end? Blair Waldorf needing Dan Humphrey to rescue her from social extinction.

Gossip Girl

[to Rufus] You know you're more scared of my mother than I am?


Face it Blair. Once upon a time in a far off land, you were a queen. Here you're just a loser who will never fit in.


Blair: So if you're not trying to sabotage me then what is this? First you deliberately ruin my sushi party and now you're making your move!
Georgina: This paranoia has got to stop, Blair.
Blair: I am NOT paranoid. I'm right. Why else would you form an alliance with Vanessa, the one person I may hate more than you?
Georgina: It's not an alliance. It's a friendship. Unlike you, Vanessa's cool and people like her. More than the weird girl who threw the fish party.
Blair: Sushi! There was toro!

Blair: Georgina, please. Nobody wants greasy pizza and Vanessa's home movies when there's a sushi and sake party next door! Did I mention wasabi facials?
Georgina: Okay then. And ... shut the door?

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